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Right now, our focus is really on trying to have a baby of our own, and our money and our stuff is going towards that and towards his son,” 37-year-old Rossi exclusively tells PEOPLE.

“Until we kind of get some of those things figured out, I think it doesn’t feel right to spend 0,000 on a wedding right this minute.

The story behind Gretchen Rossi's proposal to Slade Smiley. open about wanting to start a family since they got engaged in 2013 (clip above). and 'God willing' I can get pregnant in 2018," Gretchen told Daily 15, 2018 | pm ...

Meanwhile, Smiley, 44, and fiancée, Gretchen Rossi, 39, told us that they are trying for ...

Don’t you freaking talk about my friend.”Finally, the topic turned to Shannon’s dating life, during which she spoke about her reported new beau Alex for the first time.

If you recall, Shannon shared a photo with Alex recently, and following that, reports came out confirming the two were indeed dating. “I thought things were great, but they ended up not being great.”Shannon also revealed that Alex was the first guy she’s kissed since David.

that have been together so long, the minute that they get married, they're getting uk February 15, 2018 | am ... They became engaged and have lived together ever since!

Sacha Baron Cohen, Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi Getty Images ...

In part one, Tamra spoke out about her suspicions when it comes to the shocking divorce of Jim and Alexis Bellino.

Brunch with Gretchen Rossi at En Vy Lounge on February 24, 2018 ...

together for almost 10 years, have yet to tie the knot and still have no plans to do Feb 9, 2018 ...

During the Juicy Scoop with Heather Mc Donald podcast, Shannon also revealed she exchanged some words with Gretchen Rossi recently, and what Jeana Keough told her that got her very upset.

First, Shannon recalled a nasty comment Jeana made to her amid her divorce from estranged husband David Beador.“Her name is Jeana Keough.

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The one that thinks that my ex-husband is hot and he should have had an affair,” said Shannon.

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